Call for the nomination of the ISFE vice-President

The ISFE is seeking nominations for the position of Vice-President (VP). As the ISFE moves into its next phase, the VP will be appointed for a 4-year term (2020-2024), with the intention of assuming the position of President (2024-2028) at the termination of our international meeting in 2024.  Along with the President, the Vice-President is responsible for the general operations of the society, and will work collaboratively with the Secretary/Treasurer and Communications/Webmaster, the International Committee, and Local Organizing Committees for the 2022 and 2024 meetings.

Nomination packages must contain a candidate’s statement of their willingness to serve as VP of ISFE.  It is important to very briefly outline the key leadership qualities and experience of the candidate, and a short statement on their vision for the society.  This ‘Statement of Candidacy’ should be no longer than ½ page and should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae as one PDF document. The candidate should be an ISFE member in good standing (dues paid before acceptance of the position).

Nomination packages must be submitted in confidence by any ISFE member to the ISFE President (V.L.  Trudeau; no later than July 7, 2020.  Submissions received will then be carefully considered by the Nominations Committee, and voting shall conclude by July 10, with results made available to  society members immediately thereafter.

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