What is it ?

ISFE provides every year a certain number of research fellowship awards to enable trainees working in one of the ISFE affiliated laboratory to travel outside of their home country for research training and collaboration in another country. The intention is to foster interaction and collaboration among members of ISFE. The number of grants allocated differs every year. An announcement with the number of grants and the deadline for application will be made in the news (and newsletter) each year. Applications will be reviewed by the International Committee and recommendations for funding will be made to the President of ISFE.

Who can get it ?

To be eligible the trainee, the trainee’s mentor and the mentor in the host laboratory must be active members of ISFE. The trainee must be working towards a research-based Masters of Science degree, be advanced to candidacy in a PhD program (within four years of advancement to candidacy), or be a postdoctoral fellow five years or less from receiving the PhD (or MD).

How to get it ?

To apply, trainees need to fill the application form. This must be sent with the trainee’s curriculum vitae and one letters from the principal investigator of your home laboratory and one from your host laboratory, to contact@isfendo.com, by the deadline. These letters should describe the trainee’s potential for a career in scientific research and the opportunities for collaboration and training that will be supported by this award.

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