We got today our first online contest.

It went pretty well with many participants (close to 90 participants for the Europe/Asia timezone and 23 for the America timezone)! We thank all participants and we must say that we have been impressed by many of the presentations! Congrats to all presenters.

The programme containing the email of the person presenting (in case you want to contact them to discuss about their project) is available here.

You will now be able to vote. You must select the 3 presentations that you prefer and provide them in order. The first presentation will get 3 point, the second 2points and the third presentation 1 point. At the end of the voting time (June 1st), we will counts the points and inform on the website and by emails who are the winners. You can vote by clicking here or at the bottom of this webpage.

You can watch the presentation once more before to vote if you are unsure:


#1 – Esther Leal Cebrian: Agouti overexpression in a transgenic model regulates integrity, permeability and electrogenic amino acid transport in zebrafish intestine

#2 – Xu Yue: The role of somatostatin in the regulation of metabolism and reproduction in zebrafish

#3 – Jing Huang: Nuclear progestin receptor mediated linkage of blood coagulation and ovulation

#4 – Georgios Spanos: Acute impact of Thyroid Hormones on Ca+2 cycling on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) ventricular cardiomyocytes

#5 – Shengfei Dai: Antagonistic action between dmrt1 and foxl3 in germline sex determination of tilapia

#6 – Christian Giommi: Can probiotics mitigate EDCs toxicity?

#7 – Hesheng Xiao: Cortisol safeguards oogenesis by promoting follicular cell survival

#8 – Yaquing Wang: Cyp11a2 is essential for oocyte development and spermatogonial stem cell differentiation in zebrafish

#9 – Marta Lombo: Dad’s legacy

#10 – Feilong Wang: Dnmt3aa but not dnmt3ab is required for maintenance of gametogenesis in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

#11 – Nils Gunnar Lindbo: Effects of different light regimes on fish health and welfare

#13 – Shuqing Zheng:Identification of sex chromosome and sex-determining gene of Southern catfish (Silurus meridionalis) based on XX, XY and YY genome sequencing

#14 – Lauren Closs: Impact of light pollution on reproductive success in male medaka

#15 – Ross Cairnduff: Impact of testosterone, 11- ketotestosterone and 17β-estradiol on smoltification, seawater tolerance and the GH/IGF-I axis of juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

#16 – Jiarong Zhang: Turbot oocytes culture in vitro and the role of melatonin during its maturation process

#17 – Jie Chen: Maternal loss of somatostatin 2 impairs early embryonic development in zebrafish

#18 – Xingyong Liu: Molecular mechanism of Amhy determining the sex of Nile tilapia

#20 – Yi Li: Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids promote oocyte quality through production of pregnenolone

#21 – Nikko Alvin Cabillon: CART-specific appetite regulation is a complex system in Nile tilapia

#22 – Ting Xie: Physiological response of spotted knifejaw (Oplegnathus punctatus) during transportation in offshore aquaculture net pen

#23 – Jemma Pius: Role of ion channels and pumps during stress and ease response in fish

#24 – Babak Najafpour: Trancriptome analysis of endocrine genes during sea bream (S. aurata) and sea bass (D. labrax) larval development

#26 – Hongyu Qin: Transcriptome analysis provides insights into hepatic responses to hypoxia stress in black rockfish Sebastes schlegelii


#28 – Di Peng: A new sex hormone secretoneurin controls zebrafish ovulation

#29 – Victoria Malvina Lenain: Reproduction in rays (Elasmobranch): an integrated approach combining reproductive endocrinology, embryo development and mating systems

#30 – Udeesha Erandani: Characterization of the secretogranin 2 gene knockout in zebrafish

#31 – Sajid Alvi: The role of ndr1 and ndr2 in regulating zebrafish ovarian development, function, and gonadal differentiation

#32 – Katherine Shaw: Zebrafish sexual behaviour: what have estrogens got to do with it?

#33 – Camila Harillo: The cock fish, Callorhinchus callorynchus, as an evolutionary model of the control of reproduction in vertebrates

#34 – Gagan Sidhu: ndr3 and sex differentiation in zebrafish

#35 – Sakura Tanaka: How do zebrafish reproduce without the hypophysiotropic GnRH?

How to vote ?

That is simple.

Every participant can vote for the best presentations by filling in the form on the right. All that is needed are the numbers of the presentation that you think are the best. Please also add your email so we can link the vote to a participant.

(Please do not vote for yourself as this will not be counted)

The votes are now closed.